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IT Agile Methodologies


Many clients are adopting Agile methodologies for IT projects so they can respond quickly to ever-changing market demands. Agile is built on small, focused teams working in short cycles at a sustainable pace to reduce risk and deliver great customer experiences.

This concept of iterative development hails from the “lean development” era of the 1980s described above where Japanese auto makers made tremendous efficiency and innovation increases simply by removing the phased, sequential approach and implementing an iterative approach, where prototypes were developed for short-term milestones. Each phase was actually a layer that continued throughout the entire development lifecycle; the requirements, design, and implementation cycle was revisited for each short-term milestone. This “concurrent” development approach created an atmosphere of trial-and-error experimentation and learning that ultimately broke down the status quo and led to efficient innovation.

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Agile transformations present several challenges and require a commitment to change management and capability development throughout the organization. A long-term, customized combination of all or some of our service offerings accelerates this process. We help you assess your current state, set transformation goals, identify key stakeholders, develop pilot teams and build a transformation roadmap, all of which can be done in conjunction with other elements of our service offering based on your specific adoption goals.

Whether you have a straightforward project or a program consisting of multiple related initiatives, there is a requirement for efficiency in executing and managing the required tasks to achieve the desired outcome. But often, companies do not have the requisite skills, resources or bandwidth to manage the work. In fact, over ½ of all projects are late, over budget or have a reduced scope and outcome. These companies will benefit from an outside expert organization providing this capability.

Konviere works alongside teams to ensure they embrace and effectively carry out Agile processes. With engagements that range from one sprint to six months or more, we can facilitate all Agile activities, help your team, and mentor your Scrum Master and Product Owner.

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