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Healthcare is a dynamic and constantly evolving industry. Healthcare Practices need patient engagement to start meaningful conversations with patients to involve them more in their own care and to maximize value-based reimbursements. Konviere Healthcare solutions enable you to facilitate communications between patient and provider,

improve patient health, and enhance care management and outcomes. Developing a strategy to involve patients in their care, health, and ongoing wellness in a knowledgeable way is the first step to active patient engagement.

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Medical Portal Live

Medical Portal Live is an online information based Personal Health Record (PHR) System, focused on letting you manage your family personal medical information, which can be collected, stored, retrieved and analyzed more readily. By having you and your family Personal Health Record established, this will greatly help healthcare professionals respond to issues more quickly, make critical medical decisions in a timely manner, avoid any potential medical errors, and improve the overall healthcare quality.

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We deliver innovative business and technology solutions that enable agility in new product development, manage cost out of business operations and gain insight from performance data helping you meet the needs of your customers.

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