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IT Application Development


Konviere uses the right proven technologies to reduce end-user risk and provide best life-cycle benefits, and integrate smoothly with current or other technology. Our reliable technology meets performance guarantees with measurable standards for cost and schedule. Clients rely upon our technologies for project execution techniques.

As you will learn, there are many stages of any software development project. A commercial software product is usually derived from market demands. Sales and marketing people have first-hand knowledge of their customers' requirements. Based upon these market requirements, senior software developers create an architecture for the products along with functional and design specifications. Then the development process starts. After the initial development phase, software testing begins, and many times it is done in parallel with the development process. Documentation is also part of the development process because a product cannot be brought to market without manuals. Once development and testing are done, the software is released and the support cycle begins. This phase may include bug fixes and new releases.

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IT Application Development Services

Application Development services support all stages of the application life cycle from requirements through design, test and implementation. Your organization will benefit from a robust set of methodologies, frameworks, industry accelerators and software assets to deliver high quality custom applications. Konviere application development consultants are experts across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices including service-oriented architecture, grid computing, open source development.

A variety of services that address part or all of the application development life cycle including project management, requirements development, business analysis, design, development, testing and deployment. Our robust methodologies maximize quality, efficiency and speed to market.

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We deliver innovative business and technology solutions that enable agility in new product development, manage cost out of business operations and gain insight from performance data helping you meet the needs of your customers.

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